Elaine was raised in a very creative home on the eastern end of Long Island. Days were spent building birdhouses with Dad, coloring at the kitchen table with her two sisters, or making cardboard castles with Mom. She fell in love with the simple pleasures of creating, later developing her skills in high school and refining them in college. She graduated in December of 2007 from the State University of New York at New Paltz with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing. 

The processes of painting with oils and drawing with pencil are two very different processes for Elaine but she finds that she needs both to stay balanced. Her large oil paintings are often created without an idea in mind. She finds freedom in slow drying oil paint and chunky brushes. She begins by laying colors and broad shapes on the canvas and stepping back to discover a sleeping, mountainous beast or a forest of tall trees and long legs. The painting evolves. If at all it feels forced or if momentum gets lost Elaine will often flip the whole canvas upside-down, step back, and find something new. A different point of view can open up our eyes. Her drawings are created much differently, they are controlled and precise and require a plan. But it’s this precision that allows for tiny details and emotions to peek through. Elaine loves to hear a giggle or a laugh from those who choose to take a close look. 

Elaine’s work allows her to remain connected to the spirit of childhood.

It was this connection that helped guide her to her current style and subject.

Elaine loves all creatures, great and small, but wolves in particular enchant and inspire her most. The wolves in her paintings represent the wildness that so many of us strive to stay connected to. We want for it to keep close and follow us wherever we go. It’s a spirit that protects us and keeps us grounded. It’s home. Even if we encounter a new place that is scary and unfamiliar, we can find that little piece of wildness and our spirits exhale. 

After a few years of traveling the states with her artwork and setting up at art fairs across the country Elaine has made a home in Brooklyn, NY, along with her husband, Zak, and their beloved dog, Balu. She devotes a corner of their spacious studio apartment to her easels and paintbrushes and is enjoying the new twists her paintings have taken since the move to Brooklyn. She continues to show her work at fairs and festivals and is working on putting her pictures and stories into the pages of children’s books.