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Elaine Thompson’s paintings and drawings create a world of vivid color and dazzling patterns that move you throughout lush landscapes.  She hopes her imaginary worlds will conjure up a childlike wonder that dissolves adult worry into effortless smiles.   Elaine’s work is inspired by her childhood as well as her love of animals and the natural world.  Her pictures are made for the kid in us all, urging us to succumb to our own silliness. 

Her illustrative pencil drawings tickle the funny bone with clever titles and subtle details.  Elaine enjoys surprising her audience with absurd nuances of animal antics and overwhelming cuteness.  She likes the simplicity of a black and white composition and finds that balancing her time between drawing and painting is essential to her creative process. 

Her oil paintings tell a story of peace, love and that magical place called home.  Having always felt a connection to the wilderness and the spirit of nature, especially in the places she has called home, she came to create the larger-than-life wolf and little footed house. Elaine hopes that simple, sweet moments between these two characters will remind viewers of the people and places that make their hearts and imaginations feel free.   


                                                                                                                                                               … home is where your wolf howls




Elaine's wolf howls in the  Shawangunk Mountains in New York's lower Catskills region.  She works out of her home studio which is nestled on the slope of the Gunks and surrounded by the woods and wildlife that so inspire her art.  She shares this beloved home with her husband, Zak, and their doggy, Balu.  

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